Red Deer Rut in Killarney

Over the next few weeks, probably one of the longest running events in Irish history is about to take place again! It is the annual “Red Deer Rut” and it has possibly been happening in the mountains and woodlands around Killarney for the nearly 10,000 years (since the end of the last ice-age!).

Red Deer Rut in Killarney via

Stags will be heard bellowing across the lakes and mountains advertising to other stags and hinds that they are there. There will be fierce fighting and clashing of antlers when the stags compete with each other for the females. The rut is an amazing experience to witness and Killarney National Park Education Centre will be offering people an insight in the ecology of red deer and a chance to witness the rut at first hand.

There will be an illustrated talk in the evening of Saturday 17th October at Knockreer House followed by a walk in the demesne. This will be followed by an early morning “Red Deer Rut Ramble” on Sunday 18th.
The cost for the whole weekend is €40 per person and booking for this event is essential as numbers are strictly limited. If you would like further information on this event or any of the other courses the centre runs, please contact Killarney National Park Education Centre on 064 6635960.

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